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Automotive Refinish Industry

Automotive refinish paint effect pigments have high quality and batch consistency requirements as even a slight colour differencemay cause the refinish paint to be unusable. Equally important in automotive refinish coatings is the effect pigment’s weather resistance performance and compatibility.

Pritty Nacreium Pearlescent Pigments all pass Q-U-V 2000 hour test and six years inland weathering test conducted by Atlas South Florida Test Service in Miami, USA.

Pritty Nacreium Pearlescent Pigments are also compatible with both water-borne and solvent-borne systems.

Pritty Nacreium® for Automotive Refinish Coating

  • Pritty Nacreium® Silver White 9103 popular
  • Pritty Nacreium® 9504 ( wine red bronze colour)
  • Chrome free Surface treatment
  • Strong UV resistance
  • Extreme humidify resistance
  • Q-U-V 2000 hour test passed*
  • Six years inland weathering test passed*
  • Water-borne and solvent-borne system compatible

* Test conducted by Atlas South Florida Miami, USA.