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Decorative Painting

Pritty effect pigments excel in providing innovative special effect designs for Emulsion Paint, from elegant to distinctive styles. For the interior designer a unique approach appeals to individual taste and Pritty special effect pigments has your solution for all your stylish concepts


Pritty’s signature product Gold Rush is the most attractive family for the decorative paint industry. It is the greatest addition for decorative emulsion paint applications for buildings, walls, residential and commercial areas. Gold Rush recreates a true 24K gold effect with its slight greenish shimmer, brilliant lustre, as well as its amazing hiding power.

Pritty Iridesium® and Pritty Nacreium® for Decorative Painting

  • Pritty Iridesium® Gold Rush
  • Pritty Nacreium® Gold Rush
  • Buildings, walls, residential and commercial areas, pure 24K gold effect
  • Slight greenish shimmer
  • Brilliant lustre
  • Amazing hiding power

Pritty Iridesium® and Pritty Nacreium® for Decorative Paintings

  • Pritty Iridesium® Super Sparkle
  • Pritty Nacreium® Super Sparkle


  • Extremely Sparkle effect
  • Enhances other colours, specially gold
  • Super White effect