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Applications for Cosmetics

Pritty Clareium® Effect pigments are specifically produced for all Cosmetic and Personal Care applications such as: lipsticks, lip glaze, eye shadow, powder and foundation, fragrance and personal hygiene products such as toothpaste, shampoo, body lotion, bath and soap


Pritty Clareium® for Cosmetics

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  • EU Heavy Metal Regulations
    • Commission Directive 95/45/EC-E171 (amended by CD 1999/75/EC, 2004/47/EC & 2006/33/EC)
    • Commission Directive 95/45/EC-E172 (amended by CD 1999/75/EC, 2001/50/EC, 2004/47/EC &2006/33/EC)
  • EU Pharmacopeia & 6.13
  • US FDA
  • EC Directive 95/45/EC 
  • FDA052/1 or 52/2 of the who/FAO


* Providing different degrees of luster and effect from a soft satiny look to high sparkle.