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Place: Shanghai, China


Jiangsu Pritty Pearlescent Pigment
Fumin Road 399
223800 Suqian, China



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Facts and figures
  • Established in 2003
  • 200+ Employees
  • 25+ Exclusive distributors worldwide
  • Customers in more than 50 countries
  • Capacity 2,500 Mt/year, with up to 50% special products
  • ISO9001:2000 Quality Control System


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Our Vision

We are moving forward to be the best solar gold pearlescent pigments manufacturer in the world with the widest product range, consistent high quality, inventory availability and competitive cost.

Lead change with Pearlescent Effect Solutions

  • Market-driven research and development
  • Improve the way people do their work
  • Add value to our customers' processes
  • Be recognized for outstanding expertise, service and quality


Product Strength

Pritty Gold Rush is our unique solar gold product line. The amazing golden hue replicates a realistic 24K gold effect with sparkle and luster.  Pritty Gold Rush offers significant special effects for many industries such as:  decorative paints, printing ink, cosmetics and plastics.





Pritty Mega Spark is the biggest pearlescent pigment in the world.  Pritty has created the technology to attach TiO2 onto particles bigger than 500 µm.  We are able to produce mica pearls  with 2 different particle sizes: 100-700 µm and 200-1000 µm.