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Jiangsu Pritty Pearlescent Pigment
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Facts and figures
  • Established in 2003
  • 200+ Employees
  • 25+ Exclusive distributors worldwide
  • Customers in more than 50 countries
  • Capacity 2,500 Mt/year, with up to 50% special products
  • ISO9001:2000 Quality Control System


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Company Overview

Pritty develops and manufactures Pearlescent Pigments under the ISO9001:2000 quality control system.  Pritty's strength is supplying the best solar gold special effect pigments with ensured quality, consistency and inventory availability.


Unique Marketing Strategy

  • The Best Solar Gold pearlescent  pigments supplier
  • Smaller product range with the best quality and consistency
  • Worldwide exclusive distribution network

Quality Assurance

Pritty ensures reliable quality and consistency with the assistance of the ISO9001:2000 Quality Control System.  Our target is to provide 100% colour consistency!


Pritty has an inventory of all special products for immediate shipment


Pritty's Product Lines



Interior Applications

Interior applications Pritty Iridesium® Effect Pigments are based on different substrates such as natural mica, synthetic mica and borosilicate.  The Iridesium products line give you shimmering effects from silky smooth to sparkling.    Continue to Iridesium Products


Exterior Applications

Pritty Nacreium® pearlescent special pigments are processed with chrome-free surface treatment whereby all products have passed the Q-U-V 2000 hours test, as well as an extensive six-year inland weathering test conducted by ATLAS Material Testing Solutions in Miami, USA.   Continue to Nacreium Products


Cosmetic and Personal Care Application

Pritty Clareium® effect pigments complies with the EU Heavy Metal Regulation, EU Pharmacopeia Regulation and US FDA, EC Directive 95/45/EC and US FDA 052/1 or 52/2 or the WHO/FAO.  Continue to Cosmetic and  Personal Care products