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magic colour effect

Pritty Iridesium® Interference

The magic pigment produces twin colors, one by reflection and one by transmission and appear as iridescence.  

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Pritty Iridesium® Interference

Pritty Iridesium Interference also called “Magic Colors¨ or “two-colour”, these pigments are all white powder but will show real colours on a black or dark background; over white background the colour tone is only visible from a certain angle but very light.




Pritty Iridesium® Interference 

  • Natural mica
  • Synthetic mica
  • Borosilicate  
  • High performance 
  • Magic colour effect
  • FDA compliant 
  • Small amount to produce the effect
  • Can achieve a range of rainbow colours

Mostly used in Plastic, paint and wall paper.

Qualified for food/personal care packaging and toys. 




Interference familly Color

Particle Size (µm)

Mesh Crystal Type
Iridesium 205 (Best Seller) Interference Gold 10 - 60 600 Ruttle
Iridesium 215 Interference Red 10 - 60 600 Ruttle
Iridesium 219 Interference Purple 10 - 60 600 Ruttle
Iridesium 225  Interference Blue 10 - 60 600 Ruttle
Iridesium 235 Interference Green 10 - 60 600 Ruttle