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Pritty Iridesium® Prismatic

Pritty Iridesium® Prismatic, also recognized as chamaleon effect pigments now stands for a new level of sophistication with a creative colour shifting effect. It is a one of a kind experience: as your angle of vision changes, so does the colour.

Pritty Iridesium® Prismatic Effect pigments are created with synthetic mica and borosilicate with a particle size of 30-100µm. Each pigment shows four different colour shades. The best effects are seen when placed on a black or dark background. High glossy media will bring out the ultimate Prismatic rainbow effect.


Pritty Iridesium® Prismatic X3S / X3G1

  • Strong chrome
  • Impressive colour saturation
  • 100% colour consistency
  • Inventory available
  • Extremely low heavy metal


Automotive coatings, synthetic leather coatings, industrial paints and plastic coatings.



This figure shows how can change the color with a different angle reflection.




Catalog Color Color

Particle Size (µm)

Iridesium 13S1 Blue - Green - Gold 30 - 100
Iridesium 23S1 Gold - Red - Purple 30 - 100
Iridesium 33S1 Green - Gold - Red 30 - 100
Iridesium 43S1 Red - Purple - Blue 30 - 100
Iridesium 63S1 Purple - Blue - Green 30 - 100
Iridesium 23G1 Red - Purple - Blue 30 - 100