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Pritty Clareium® Crystal Metallics

Pritty Clareium® Crystal Metallics effect pigments are produced with Pritty exclusive in-house technology. They create dramatic colours without the use of added colourants or dyes. They are FDA compliant with the greatest hiding power.

Clareium® Crystal Metallics effect pigments with their saturated colour shades offer a wide range of lusterous colours for distinctive cosmetic and personal care products.  Especially brilliant for use in various grey shades giving unique metallic silvered tones; ideal for eyeliner and eye shadow.

Clareium® Crystal Metallics pearlescent pigments comply with US FDA requirements. All Crystal Metallics colours are qualified worldwide for personal care products and cosmetics including eye and lip areas.



Pritty Clareium® Crystal Metallics 

  • Exclusively produced and patented
  • Strong metallic effects with extreme colour saturation
  • Can be mixed with other pearls or colourants for uniqe effects
  • FDA compliant
  • Fantastic hiding power
  • Can be mixed with other Pearlescent pigments
  • Alternative to Aluminum and Bronze powders 
  • Minimal heavy metals



Crystal Metallics familiy Color

Particle Size (µm)

Clareium 8T11 (*) Silver Grey 10 - 60 600
Clareium 8T22 Satin Silver Grey < 15 1000
Clareium 8T34 Silver Grey 5 - 25 800
Clareium 8T64 (*) Shining Grey 10 - 100 200
Clareium 8T17 Metallic Yellow 10 - 60 600
Clareium 8T26 Ruby 10 - 60 600
Clareium 8T30 Violet 10 - 60 600
Clareium 8T36 Sapphire 10 - 60 600
Clareium 8T46 Emerald 10 - 60 600


* Recommended for it's special silver-grey shades providing unique effects especially for eye shadows and liners.