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Plastics Coatings

Plastic Coatings are used in many consumer electronic products like laptops and mobile phone shells. It is also used in consumer white goods such as ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, and for kitchen appliances such as toasters, food processors, and for many automotive applications.

Pritty Pearlescent Special Effect Pigment's product range offers a multitude of styling possibilities, with its colour and brilliance stability.

Pritty Iridesium® for Plastic Coatings

  • Iridesium® Crystal Metallic (Most Recommeded)
  • FDA compliant
  • Outstanding colour saturation 
  • Unique Effect


Pritty Iridesium® for Plastic Coatings

  • Pritty Iridesium® Super Sparkle
  • Pritty Iridesium® Diamond
  • FDA compliant
  • Super shining Effect