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Powder Coatings

Powder coating provides a durable and high quality finish, which liquid paints simply cannot offer. Powder coating provides a wide range of performance properties with excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, heat, stains, extreme weather, and fading from sunlight.

Powder coating has a wide variety of colours and surface finishes: Gloss, semi-gloss, satin or flat finishes, as well as a wide selection of textured, wrinkled, and many other special effects. Virtually any colour is available with powder.


Pritty Nacreium® for Powder Coatings



  • Pritty  Nacreium® Silver White
  • Pritty Nacreium® Interference 
  • Pritty Nacreium® Gold Lustre
  • Pritty Nacreium® Iron


  • Extremely strong UV  and Humidity Resistance
  • Easy to Spray, do not block the spray gun