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Offset Printing

Offset printing has very thin ink layers therefore a relatively small amount of effect pigments can be printed onto the material. Pritty recommends effect pigments with a particle size no greater than 25 μm for best results.

To prevent the effect pigments from agglomerating too quickly a printing blanket is recommended particularly so for large print runs.


Frequency-modulated screen resolutions further increase the effect and conventional screens ought not to be finer than 34 lines/cm (85 lines/inch). Therefore frequency-modulated screens are usually recommended as their structure is suitable for the effect pigments and strengthens their effect. However screen dots finer than 30 μm should not be used as they can create problems when transferring the effect pigments.


To achieve the best effect with wet-on-dry printing if the effect pigment is applied wet to the dry process ink. While wet-in-wet printing creates a smoother picture when using interference effect pigments the overall interference effect might be reduced on a same coloured background. However pre-printing effect pigments with wet-on-wet is not optional because the thickness of the colour layer is difficult to dry therefore wet-on-dry printing is best.